July 3, 2018

SEO Company in Kolkata

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is a method of Strategies & Techniques used to increase organic Website Traffic, having a Rank in SERP (Search Engine Result Page) helps the business owner to get more leads.

Most international SEO Agency provides these services to promote business online in any corner of the world. This Service helps businessmen to promote their Products or Services (24/7) without closing their online Offices. With the help of an Affordable SEO Company in Kolkata, even small business owners can be able to promote their business.

Best SEO Company in Kolkata

Our SEO Company provides these services to increase their businesses from Search Engines. We create websites for our clients, which is well structured & easy for navigation. Being an internet marketing company in India, we create or redesign websites keeping Search Engine friendly design in mind. Website structure, Web page URL, Page titles, Meta descriptions, Meta tags & also high-quality web page content are the keys to having success in ranking. Our company has a team of many skilled executives with several years of experience & who take total responsibility for providing Online Marketing Services for our Clients.

Points We follow as a Professional SEO Company in Kolkata

We first thoroughly study all websites of our clients. Then our experts do the decent jobs, step by step as per Google Guidelines to achieve the best output. We always follow “White Hat Technique ” to get a long-term Ranking for our clients.

Our SEO Company always tries to find out, what are our clients need after discussing with them. Are you asking for Brand Reputation, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services, Social Media Marketing, PPC, Link building, Content Marketing etc? Our firm totally focuses on ROI & to increase their click-through-rates (CTR) as good as possible. Most Professional SEO Companies in Kolkata follow these processes sincerely.

We always focus on content which should be Fresh & Unique. We also check website contents for readability with Testing Tools to get effective results. Content marketing is a most important task for top ranking websites. Now visual contents like Infographics, Slide Share, Images sharing, Video sharing in a right channel increase CTR & reduce Bounce Rate of websites. Our SEO company in Kolkata also add CTC (Call to Action) to increase visitors engagement & to increase CTR.

To get right customers, we act accordingly. Our Company selects right kind of Keywords, which are called High-Value Keywords. We focus on these keywords not only to increases traffic but also it also increases CTR for that website. keywords analysis is the most important part of SEO right keywords gets more leads.

We always interact with the best Social Media platforms on Facebook, Twitter, G+, LinkedIn & Pinterest, Instagram etc. It increases your brand reputation & trust about your Product/services. For creating business credibility, we work hard, in marketing valuable resources & provide our best efforts in different reputed social media platforms.

We as SEO Company always takes care of website Page Speed, which matters a lot in Search ranking. The good downloading speed of Web page is best for ranking, which should be less than 2 seconds.
We also check all our client’s website to find out the website is Mobile friendly or not? Now Mobile-friendly websites are most Search Engine friendly & increase CTR. 40% of global YouTube visitors come from mobile. 68% FaceBook “Like” clicks come from Mobile. 73% of all uploaded & shared Photos are from Mobile. So mobile-friendly websites are very important to all SEO companies in India.

On-Page Optimization is the best part of our Search Engine Optimization. We put all Meta Title & Meta Descriptions very carefully. We use attractive Meta Title & Meta Descriptions to increase Click-through rate (CTR) in search engines. As a professional SEO Firm in India, we are totally focused on High-Quality links only for Search Engine Advertising.

We consider our price in a very reasonable way. We have a team of skilled consultants, who have years of experience & successfully completed SEO projects in India & abroad.

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